Wall of fame

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Member Golfclub Location Date
H.C.W. Schnitger Twentsche Golfclub Ambt delden, Netherlands 08-17-1949
H. Thole-Uyt den Bogaard Hilversumsche Golf Club Hilversum, Netherlands 07-09-1949
C.W. Knol Rotterdamsche Golfclub Rotterdam, Netherlands 06-28-1949
F. Antonetti Kennemer Golf & Country Club Zandvoort, Netherlands 06-19-1949
A. Stahl-Wijtema Haagsche Golf & Country Club Wassenaar, Netherlands 06-09-1949
J.C.S. Nijenbranding de Boer Utrechtse Golfclub de Pan Bosch en duin, Netherlands 06-06-1949
Alex Hay Musselburgh Golf Club Musselburgh, United Kingdom 06-01-1949
M.E. Spaght Stanford University Golf Club Stanford, United States 05-22-1949
W.L. Corley Sudbury Golfclub Greenford, United Kingdom 05-01-1949
J. Schoenmakers Golfclub Toxandria Molenschot, Netherlands 04-24-1949
R. Schuil Kennemer Golf & Country Club Zandvoort, Netherlands 04-21-1949
R. Horst Rosendaelsche Golfclub Arnhem, Netherlands 03-27-1949