Wall of fame

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Member Golfclub Location Date
J. Erven Dorens Hilversumsche Golf Club Hilversum, Netherlands 08-13-1939
H. Timmer Noordwijkse Golfclub Noordwijk, Netherlands 05-24-1939
J.H.C. Heyse Domburgsche Golfclub Domburg, Netherlands 05-20-1939
J. R¸hl Rosendaelsche Golfclub Arnhem, Netherlands 05-14-1939
J. Rühl Rosendaelsche Golfclub Arnhem, Netherlands 05-14-1939
J.G. Nysingh Hattemse Golf & Country Club Hattem, Netherlands 03-26-1939
A. Affleck Milnerton Golf Club Cape Town, South Africa 03-24-1939
E. Quarles van Ufford Kennemer Golf & Country Club Zandvoort, Netherlands 10-28-1938
G. Bacon Royal Perth Golfclub South Perth, Australia 09-28-1938
J. Kuipers 05-21-1938
R. Whittet Meru Golfclub Negeri Perak, Malaysia 05-14-1938
G. Franquen Golfclub du Sart-Tilman Angleur, Belgium 03-16-1938