Wall of fame

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Member Golfclub Location Date
J.I.A.N. Guo Noord-Brabantsche Golfclub Toxandria Oosterhout, The Netherlands 29-08-2023
AGM van den Aarsen Catharinenburg Hellevoetsluis, The Netherlands 24-08-2023
R. Dam Golf & Country Club Lauswolt Drachten, The Netherlands 21-08-2023
W IJkhout Golfclub De Hoge Kleij Bennekom, The Netherlands 21-08-2023
J. Fens Golfclub Roxenisse Dirksland, The Netherlands 19-08-2023
C. L. Pfaff Twentsche Golfclub Hengelo, The Netherlands 18-08-2023
LJNC Maas Golfclub Midden-Brabant Tilburg, The Netherlands 17-08-2023
J.W.M. Hardeman Hardeman Golf en Businessclub de Scherpenbergh Arnhem, The Netherlands 16-08-2023
P.C. van Hilten Noord-Brabantsche Golfclub Toxandria Breda, The Netherlands 16-08-2023
I.C.M. Roetenberg Golf & Country Club 't Sybrook Enschede, The Netherlands 13-08-2023
SF Fijneman Steenhoven Country Club Breda, The Netherlands 12-08-2023
PM Panhuis Golfbaan Spielehof Enschede, The Netherlands 11-08-2023