Welcome to the Bols
Hole-in-one Club

Congratulations with your hole-in-one! Hitting a hole-in-one is an unbelievably exciting experience, which is best celebrated with a well-deserved glass of Bols Corenwyn. Register your hole-in-one here and you will receive an official confirmation of membership in the form of an impressive certificate. As a new member you will also receive a badge and, of course, eternal fame.


About the club

Back in 1927, the heirs of Lucas Bols wanted to create a way to give real appreciation for everyone who got a hole-in-one, because those who achieve greatness deserve more than just a story. You must provide cold, hard proof.

So, the heirs came up with the Bols Hole-in-one-Club. An institution for everyone who has hit a hole-in-one and thus deserves appreciation and respect. And now tens of thousands of golfers from all over the world have been recognized and rewarded with the membership to the Bols Hole-in-one-Club.

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The history or Bols started in 1575, when the Bols family established their distillery ‘t Lootsje on the Rozengracht in Amsterdam. They started with distilling liqueurs, and in 1664 they began with the production of genever. In 1883 the first Bols Corenwyn was introduced. Corenwyn is a genever that is matured in French Limousin oaks, which gives the genever its light golden-yellow colour and authentic taste with a powerful finish.

Nowadays, Bols sells over 45 liqueurs and Bols Genevers in more than 110 countries over the world. Visit Bols.com to discover more about our products and brands.